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Sustainable Practices

Western United Fish Company has undertaken several conscious steps to be a responsive leader in the industry in social and ecological programs that impact production and process. We are committed to safeguarding the longevity and health of the industry through certification of products from well managed and trusted suppliers.

Western United is active in promoting sustainability developments, government regulations, and monitoring of local fisheries to follow United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.
To ensure safe and sustainable products and to meet internationally accepted practices of fishery management, we provide expertise and funding to educate local fisherman on responsible fishing practices, compliance, regulations, and monitoring.
How Do We Ensure Excellence?
  • Sourcing a wide selection of exotic species, salmon and regional species
  • Investment in processing and packaging technologies
  • Responsive and adaptive to customer specification
Commitment to Consistency
  • Sourcing sustainable products
  • Service to our global customers
  • Selection of premium quality seafood
  • Processing, packaging capabilities of value added seafood products