Investment in Processing and Packaging Technologies
Investment in resource efficient technology and equipment begets smart processing solutions. Technology affords us the ability to be responsive and adaptive to our customers’ specifications.
Sophisticated equipment alongside a skilled and experienced crew ensures product quality and fulfills specialized customer needs. A modern and expansive facility increases our capacity to process and store fresh or frozen, salmon, a multiplicity of exotic fish and value added products.
  • Tailor process and pack to various packaging specifications
  • Orders are processed and shipped same day
  • Efficient automation line completes customer orders, generates database inventory, tally and yield reports and formulates packaging specifications
  • Experienced logistics team handles and tracks inbound and outbound shipment and documentation
  • Enterprises in US and Asia to grade, process and pack directly from
    • Seattle
    • Hawaii
    • Alaska
    • Asia
  • Equipped to produce various frozen value added products

WUFCO Processing Facility